5 Of The Best Mexican Wines

The Spanish arrived in Mexico during the sixteenth century and brought the gift of wine with them. Herman Cortes and his conquerors initially brought the drink from Europe but soon learned that Spanish grapevines grew well in Mexico. By the end of the nineteenth century, after a brief period of prohibition during the 1800s, wine sales were booming and Mexico was becoming a premiere maker of the beverage.

In recent years, it seems that a sort of renaissance of vino production is taking place in the country. Here, then, are five of the best wines in Mexico.


Made in Valle de Guadalupe, Jala is a reasonably priced wine that delivers bitterness and sugar. Those with a sweet tooth will love the vino that has hints of cinnamon and clove that make it a spicy yet delightful beverage. Jala is considered by some as a cutting edge drink because of its ability to appeal to more than one audience. Consumers who enjoy wine as a sort of dessert can take refuse in this beverage. By the same token, individuals who love to drink and mingle during the main course will also love this wine. Jala sells for about $55 in the United States.

L.A. Cetto

Also from Valle de Guadalupe, L.A. Cetto has a distinct taste to it that many enjoy. Some attribute the impeccable flavor of L.A. Cetto to the environment in which it is reared. The soil that is fertilized by nearby volcanoes creates an atmosphere where growth can thrive. The ripeness of grapes in Valle de Guadalupe makes for great wine after a period of aging. Pairing the beverage with certain appetizers and main dishes is the best way to get the full effect of L.A. Cetto.

Rivero Gonzalez

Derived from Coahuila, Valle de Parras, Rivero Gonzalez is a white wine that is authentic in every form. Although the white grapes are quite strong, Riivero Gonzalez goes with any partial or full course meal. It is even possible to have a glass for breakfast or lunch as the vino is a rich substance made for every occasion.

Vinas de Garza Chardonnay

It’s yellow in color and has excellent density. Vinas de Garza Chardonnay is a particular wine with an elegant aroma. While the wine looks and smells good enough to drink, it is advised that consumers drink the beverages with care. Vinas de Garza Chardonnay has apple and pineapple fruits that bring sweetness to the mixture. The wine is reported as showing good intensity when tested by wine critics. The vino has a sort of dry taste that satisfied your test buds but do nothing for your daily word count.

Piedra del Sol

Introduced to society in 2013, Piedra del Sol is certainly making its mark on social media. Many in America have already characterized the drink as refreshing as the beverage goes down smoothly. Piedra del Sol is great for consuming on a hot summer day. Pair a little seafood with the drink and drink to your heart’s delight.

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